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Everyone who has created something with their own hands at least once in their life knows how much creative work, imagination and love is required. Knitted or crocheted socks, jewellery, handmade toys or fancy clothes. Above all, love and hard work come first. Ideas, which are initially born in the thoughts and dreams of enterprising, talented and imaginative people, later turn into unique and unrepeatable works of art by craftsmen, artists and designers.

And we have a lot of such talented local people! And each has something unique, unique and unrepeatable to surprise the rest of the world! However, in order to show the works they create to a wider range of people, to enable the world to know about them and, in the end, to get these works to the people who will be willing to buy them, it is a long and not an easy journey. Due to lack of time resources and often limited finances, many masterpiece, inspiring ideas and dreams also remain somewhere on the shelf with the intention to work on them later. When there will be more time, more opportunities, more money. A situation so familiar to everyone isn’t it?

That is why we have created TirgoMirgo, a place where all local creative people are home producers, handicraftsmen, craftsmen, artists, designers and many other local people endowed with various talents.

A community marketplace platform where makers are widely represented in one place, who no longer have to worry about where to get money to set up own online store, how to provide advertising, marketing campaigns and activities. TirgoMirgo’s attractive, positive and innovation-oriented team of professionals thinks and takes care of all this.

Success is result on the work of all of us, in which we each do what works best for us! And the rest is taken care of by partners!

We wish good luck and success to all of us! Best regards TirgoMirgo’s creative team!

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